How to Warm Your Cockles Without Drinking Coffee!

‘No’ sugar & spice + all things nice… Let’s get one thing straight, I dont like tea. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been a tea drinker, even though I have first generation British blood running through my veins. But this tea is different. Why, you ask? Because it doesn’t taste like old…

Mindful Moment

Re-blog post from the holisticlifystylecoachblog  Decision Making  ‘Don’t let the worry of tomorrow, take away from the peace of today’ Throughout the day we make hundreds of decisions. Big to small they are all made either with a quick yes or time to think and consider options. Always with decisions, before agreeing to anything, you…

Save Time Doing This One Chore We All Dislike Doing.

This is the shortest post I’ve done so far. Question for you. What do we buy brand new + throw out when it’s brand new?  Answer…. Garbage bags! This is a simple little time saving tip for you that I use here on the farm. When you empty your kitchen bin, or any bin for…

Man Flu Energy Juice

The dreaded friggen man flu is here! *Cough, cough! My husband has been sick with the man flu and a legitimate chest infection for the past two weeks. Let me just say that life has been very interesting! Do I need to say more! I had to do something, so I made this to

Truffle Oil + Goats Cheese Scrambled Eggs + Baby Dill & Wilted Spinach

There is something really comforting about eating eggs don’t you think? It takes me back to my childhood. Something mum would always make for me and my twin sister when we were sick (the both of us, usually rugged up together, on the lounge with the fire on). Her scrambled eggs were never, ever

Smoky Pan Fried Buffalo Mozzarella, Prosciutto + Basil Sandwiches

This pan fried Italian sandwich is the serious definition of comfort food! It’s pan fried and takes on a beautiful smoky flavour from the pan. Topped off with home made chilli oil for that tiny bit of a zing. This creation is great when you need loads of flavour, but need to

Quick + Easy Lebanese Garlic Sauce That Every Fridge Needs! 

Garlic sauce is one of the most versitile and tastiest things you can use or eat. It’s thick, creamy + tangy and it goes with almost anything. I absolutely love it! It goes amazingly well with chicken, fish, seafood, vegetarian dishes, BBQ’d meat + lamb (I don’t eat red meat, but it’s a suggestion for…