Chocolate Protein Pudding Sugar Free/Gluten Free

When you eat chocolate + sugar together, the fat generally gets stored immediately because sugar opens up fat cells like an inviting doorway for dimples to waltz right into, but because it taste’s so god damn good, you don’t really give a sh*t, that is of course, until that mirror stares back at you in the change room when you are trying on new outfits just before your summer vacation. It’s only then you wonder what the hell you were thinking…….chocolate of course.

So I have been trying to come up with a way of eating chocolate without adding any sugar, and putting on fat, not weight, fat. Got it, good! You see, as you get older, your muscle fibre’s on your body deplete every year. That’s why gran gets rather scrawny looking or ends up looking blown up, nice and plump. No muscle, no metabolism. No metabolism, no fire. No fire, well, you ain’t going to burn off that muffin top honey, let me tell you, what ever you think. You need muscles!

So, back to chocolate. We all know dark chocolate is good for you and I do like to make my fair share of raw treats, but sometimes your body screams out for something a little…well, normal, so I came up with this version of a protein packed chocolate custard/pudding, that tastes sweet, but doesn’t have any sugar (it’s still sweet my dear). I would suggest making the powder mix and storing it in your pantry in case of a late night chocolate emergency. It will give you a chocolate + protein hit without any effects of fat opening sugar. Now, if you want to bump the chocolate up a little, you can add one, yes, one, salted chocolate square of Lindt (of course) if you need a little bit more creaminess, but the gelatin does  a mighty fine job of making this a little bit lush!

Chocolate custards

So, here it is, my sugar free chocolate custard/pudding recipe. Toot, toot.

Serves 3


Chocolate mix

1 cup unsweetened cocoa (I love Woolworth’s Home Brand. It’s from Germany)

1 cup Vanilla protein powder (whey) I used Impact Whey (MyProtein)

1 cup Erythritol (sugar free granules)

1 tsp pink salt or sea salt

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and place into an airtight container for convenient use

Wet Ingredients

2 cups Almond milk or milk of your choice

3 Gelatin leaves or 1.5 teaspoons of gelatin powder (the powder makes for a firmer jelly like texture)


Place gelatin leaves into a bowl with some filtered cold water, to soften.

Place your milk into a pot on med to high, place in 3/4 of a cup of your custard powder (and chocolate square if you may) and whisk in well, with a whisk. Bring to a simmer and take off the heat.

Squeeze out any liquid from your gelatin leaves and place into your wet mixture, whisk in well until the gelatin dissolves (or just place in your teaspoons worth of gelatin powder).

Whisk until the mixture cools off a little and pour into some glasses.

Allow to cool and then place into the fridge. Let set for a couple of hours.

Sprinkle with some raw cacao nibs for extra texture. These are bitter, so go light on these or feel free to use some toasted macadamia nuts instead!

Eat this when ever you get that chocolate craving. For me, it’s every god damn beautiful day.

Enjoy. You will make these again for sure. I did!


Boys, if you want to increase the protein in this so it’s around 30gms, add in an extra half cup of protein powder.

Nutritional info:

Per serve

*Protein 22.9 gm

Carbs 6.7 gm

Fat 11.5 gm

Calories 291.3






6 Comments Add yours

  1. Kezia says:

    Sounds luvvvvv to me.. i hv all the ingredients… will try it.. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a beauty! Let me know how you go.


  2. kellyhows says:

    This looks interesting. I have never heard of Erythitol. I will have to try it. Thanks for the recipe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a life saver really. Especially if you have a sweet tooth.


    2. Just be aware that it crystallises in cake batters. So you have to eat the cake the same day otherwise it goes like a biscuit. Works great with some things but not as great in others.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. kellyhows says:

    Thanks for the tip.


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