Get your greens without eating a salad!

Even on the best of days, I think most of us struggle to eat enough raw foods. If I didn’t take notes of how much raw food was included with each meal, I don’t think we would eat as much as we do. The rule I try and live by is that we must eat something raw in every meal. Anything. This could be a piece of fruit, a handful of nuts or side of salad. Something, anything! Not always easy! So to keep it simple, I try and down one of these green protein shakes a day, especially if we have been a bit slack. They are full of live produce and fibre, one of the most under looked ingredients and one of the most important. This takes 5 mins to make and if my husband drinks it, it must be O.K. When he gives me the thumbs down, it’s game over.

Green-2 copy


2 cups filtered water

2 handfuls of oak lettuce

1 frozen organic banana

2 medium length organic celery stalks

1 handful organic baby spinach

1 cm knob organic ginger

1 scoop protein powder (I used Sun Warrior Organic Plus protein)

1 tablespoon coconut yoghurt

1 tablespoon organic chlorophyll

1 tablespoon hemp powder (husk not seed)

Juice of half a lemon


Peel your ginger, wash your greens and place everything in the blender except the chlorophyll. Blend everything until silky smooth. Stir in your chlorophyll and drink immediately. It actually tastes really good! I’m sure this is what Sharon Stone drinks for breakfast! Have you seen how she looks at 57? There is still hope for the rest of us!  Just kindly keep those knees together now…..I only want to hear about what you had for breakfast.


Sunwarrior test their protein + products for heavy metals. Most companies don’t! There is a great website worth looking up called Labdoor. It gives you a ranking of your product, the nutritional value and ingredient safety! You can find it here.

*Hemp powder is the husks that have been ground. Great for extra fibre to add to any of your recipes.




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